Red Sun

by Night Driver

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manbastion Brilliantly written shiny 80s synthpop full of analogue love, solid af vocals, addictive darkly comic levity. Favorite track: Red Sun.
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An album about phone calls, weird weather, and the end of the world.


So the title track Red Sun was originally going to be on my last album, but it was cut because I couldn't get it to sound right. After about a year of re-working, I finally got the track to where I wanted it. Originally this was going to be the single from the album, but that ended up being Goon Squad

Goon Squad was originally recorded in a weekend, mixed at home (poorly) and released as a single. This version is not the currently available single, or the version on the album as it is no longer anywhere on the internet. Because it was bad.

Hurry Hurry was originally a very different song, using 808 samples, and no fairlight sounds. I recorded 4 versions of the track before finally getting it right. This song also went through 4 different sets of lyrics, though each of them were relatively similar.

Neon at one point had five different prospective sets of lyrics. I couldn't decide which one to use, so I took 3 random verses and recorded those. This song was also a lot slower. Like a lot slower.

Calling was originally a 2 minute politically charged synth-rock song, but I could never get it to sound right. I also rewrote the lyrics to be more pop-y as I felt the album was getting a bit too dour overall. The phone noises were added because I couldn't think of a chorus.

Cinemascope was originally a failed test at sampling. Just for fun I took a few clips of Tom Baker from the cliffhanger of The Face of Evil part 3 and mixed them into the song, to mixed results. I ended up re-recording the song entirely instead of just removing the samples because the original recording was lost.

Vision was originally going to be a guitar based track, but then the top and bottom strings of my guitar snapped off. It was reworked into a synth song because I wanted a side-b for the Enterprise instrumental single, and I decided it was too good to just leave as a b-side.

Spires was originally going to be a slow, classic rock inspired song. That didn't quite pan out as you might have guessed. I did some other re-workings of this song, such as drawing inspiration from the Yello song Bostich but that didn't sound right either. The drums from the Yello inspired version of this song ended up being the drums for Cinemascope, run through my MS-20mini.

Decadence is a inside joke with my friends. I wrote the song about 2 years ago and just called it "That Song." Originally it was a bit more synthy, but I thought the cheap electric piano sound fit the song better.

Games they played was originally going to be eight minutes long, with the intro about twice as long as it is now and a third part that would end the album on a lighter note. Sadly that third part turned out to be utter trash and was scrapped. Games was written around the same time as Red Sun, and was re-recorded 6 times not including the album version. At one point it had a not so great guitar solo that was cut for being not so great.


released June 18, 2017

Additional crowd vocals on Calling: Camille Brewster



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Night Driver Virginia

I have a personal mission to create early 80's synthpop as authentically as possible. You can listen to and buy my efforts to do so here.

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